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Text Converter

Text-Converter is a very simple web application intended to easily convert from UPPER case to lower case simply by copying and pasting your text in the text area, or typing whatever you want to convert. You can also convert from lower case to UPPER CASE, to Sentence case or to Capital Case. Text-Converter allows you the possibility to count the words you have introduced in your text area.


Convert text to upper case or lower case, count words in a text

This free online Text-Converter allows you to convert your text from UPPER case, lower case, Sentence case or Capital Case. Just copy and paste or type your text in the text area and click on the conversion you need. You will instantly get all your text converted. There is no limit! You can paste or type as much text as you need!
After that, you may click on Select All Text and all your text will be selected so you can choose what to do with it. Remember you can select all and right button Copy, or with Ctrl+C, or use our COPY TO CLIPBOARD tool. It is as fast and easy as COPY and PASTE.
Don’t forget, this app is completely free, and please share it with everybody, so everyone can enjoy this useful text tool.